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Bianca Bianchi

Updated: May 20, 2019

Bianca Bianchi is an expressive Artist who throughout the years, has completed numerous art conceptions from various sources of inspirations.

Over the years, a series of creations have evolved through Bianca and continue to flow. Bianca’s exclusive art has a life of its own. Her creations are only in limited editions and are visions influenced by the world around us.

Art connoisseurs describe Bianca’s art as truly unique. During her life, Bianca’s desire has been to manifest a platform for artists and designers from all over the world to

co-create in harmony.

Bianca’s personal mission is to connect artists with new innovations, charity projects, venues and a supportive community where artist and like-minded individuals can collaborate. Bianca is motivated to share potential ideas or work with artists and charity projects through various networks.

Follow this Blog every month to connect with other artists, new innovations, charity or special projects. Be inspired, network and connect!

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