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Guest Artist: Anastasia Elkjaer

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Anastasia is an artist born in 1998 in Denmark. Growing up, she had a feeling of being different from the rest, like she didn't fit in. It was the animals who gave her a sense of belonging and a space to be, where she didn't feel judged. For her, it was the most natural place to be and she felt a deep love for animals, always wanting to help them.

When she dropped out of school at the age of 13, she started to search for her own path. She came across an animal telepathy shortly after, and she was hooked. She was eager to learn more about this topic and to get an even better understanding of her 4 legged friends. Since she had been drawing on and off for her entire life, the idea about combining her art and animal telepathy came. Something that seemed as an absolutely magic, but yet unknown, combination.

Her dream is now to help and support animals through her art, giving them a voice and a chance to express their innate wisdom.

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